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Fire Protection Products


PanelERIF is a privately owned, independent company with a well established track record of designing, supplying and maintaining fire alarm systems for a very wide cross section of projects.


As an independent company we are able to provide the best and most cost effective solution to every individual situation. Whilst many national fire alarm companies are tied to a sole manufacturer. ERIF recommends open protocol systems which means that servicing and maintenance contracts can be undertaken by any qualified fire alarm contractor often saving the customer a considerable amount of money.


Among the systems available from ERIF are:


A zoned system where protected premises are divided into areas which each have a number of devices carefully sited. When a device is activated the alarm panel shows the zone where the fire is situated.

Analogue Addressable

This is a more sophisticated intelligent system with the wiring in a loop. Here the panel interrogates each device which is outputting signals.. Sounders can be wired into the loop with addressable analogue systems.

Radio Systems

These are suitable for very large  sites and more specifically where there may be listed or other important buildings with ornate decoration. A recent introduction by Apollo Fire Detectors  is the  XPander radio range which allows a mix and match system to be installed. ERIF became the first Fire Alarm contractor in the UK to install such a system at Goodenough College, London.

Voice Activated Systems

Employ voice sounders and are often used where large numbers of people are gathered together, typically shopping malls. The sounders can have several recorded voice messages which can be used to guide the public through a controlled evacuation of the premises.

Water Mist Systems

An environmentally acceptable suppression system, it can be used in everyday applications but is more generally found in more extreme environments such as restaurant kitchens, saunas, atriums and computer rooms.

VESDA Aspirating Systems

These are air sampling systems which provide an exceptionally early warning of smoke detection by continually sampling air through a special pipe network. This is most commonly used in IT Comms rooms


Gas extinguishing systems

CO2 Suppression SystemCO2 suppression systems

Due to the high density of CO2 it reduces the oxygen content in the threatened area. These systems are suggested for transformer  bays, generator sets and LEB rooms and also for protecting specific equipment such as printing presses, spray booths and other plant


This is an inert gas system which has the advantage of being capable of being left in automatic mode whilst the protected area is occupied. This removes the possibility of the area being isolated when occupied and not being re-instated when required. Argonite is a leading environmentally friendly replacement for the, now banned, Halon 1301. Also ideally suited to IT Comms rooms.


Is now considered the market leader when it comes to selecting an automatic gas extinguishing system. Its advantages are :

  • Safe for occupied areas
  • Effective against a wide range of fires
  • Electrically non conductive
  • No post discharge clean-up or residue.
  • Uses minimal storage space due to the smaller volume required.
  • Rapid discharge in10 seconds or less
  • Has key Approvals

Sprinkler systems

ERIF can submit designs, provide quotations for the supply, install and service of fire sprinkler systems. A highly skilled service and maintenance team can provide a planned, preventative maintenance service backed with a 24/7 emergency call out facility. Where appropriate our systems are certificated in accordance with LPS 1048





Fire ExtinguishersERIF offers a complete range of extinguishers backed by comprehensive maintenance. Our extinguishers are British made, built to BAFE standards and EN3 colour coded. These include:

  • Water extinguishers – Class A fires
  • Dry Powder extinguishers – Class A,B,C electrical and vehicle fires
  • Wet Chemical extinguishers – Class F fires
  • CO2 extinguishers – Class B,C and electrical fires
  • Foam (AFFF) extinguishers – Class A,B and electrical

We specialise in the servicing of portable extinguishers, hose reels and fire blankets in accordance with British Standards.

Contact us for costs,


This product detects water leakage via a special cable or probe providing an early warning system. It is most commonly used in IT Comms rooms to protect the expensive equipment from leaks which may occur from air conditioning units. It can also be used in Plant Rooms where leaks can often go undetected for long periods causing adverse effects on ceilings and office furniture.