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Choosing a Fire OR SECURITY Protection System

As a privately owned company, ERIF (UK) Limited with considerable experience is well placed to advise on BEST VALUE systems for every fire protection and security project.

Advice is available, free of charge, and can often result in time saving for the specifier, less hassle for the contractor and through life savings for the end client.

At ERIF we believe there is a major benefit in selecting an open protocol system comprising products from specialist manufacturers.

By 'open protocol' we mean system components which communicate with each other. Typically Erif might recommend the Apollo Discovery range of intelligent detectors which can be fine tuned to their environment, offering the ultimate in false alarm reduction. Importantly these are approved to the latest EN54 product standards.

Details are 'open' to suitable control equipment manufacturers and Apollo works closely with these manufacturers to ensure total compatibility.

Open protocol systems can be serviced and maintained by any qualified contractor, meaning that contracts can be awarded by open competitive tender.

ERIF will assist you in choosing systems keeping your specific requirements and best value options in mind.
Apollo - World Class Fire Solutions