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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use sub-contract labour ?
The company sometimes uses sub-contract labour for cable installation under the direct supervision of our project management team. All our service, small works and commissioning engineers are directly employed by the company.
Are your engineers commission based ?
All Erif engineers are salaried and there are no financial incentives for sales. Our policy means that clients can be assured the service provided is based on an honest assessment and that unnecessary works are not undertaken.
What is your average response time to a call out ?
When a call is received it is immediately logged and the caller contacted by a member of our service team to offer assistance on the telephone. Statistics show that this resolves the majority of problems within a very short period and saves the client money.

Where this service does not eliminate the problem the customer is informed, during the same conversation, when an Erif engineer will be able to call to carry out a thorough investigation and remedy the fault.
Which products do you use ?
Erif (UK) Limited is not a manufacturer and in consequence not tied to any particular protocol. It is in our interests to supply, install and maintain products that have a proven track record for reliability and performance. Where an open protocol is preferred products such as Apollo detectors and Ampac systems are used as our recommended standard.